Refer a Campground & Get 2 Free Nights Of Camping

Hey campers,

We're Camp Reservations Canada, and we help campgrounds take campsite reservations online. 

We want to grow the number of campgrounds in North America that will let campers book their campsite online and we want your help. 

If you refer a campground to us and they sign up for a demo based on your referral we'll pay for 2 night of camping at that campground. 

Read how below...

How To Get 2 Free Nights of Camping


Step 1: Fill out the "Recommend A Campground" form on this page.

Let the campground know exactly why you think they should have online reservations.

Step 2: If the campground you recommend signs up for a demo with us based on your referral we will pay for 2 nights of camping at that campground.

Step 3: Get out there and get camping!


 Recommend A Campground