Refer a Campground & Get 2 Free Nights Of Camping

Hey campers,

We're Camp Reservations Canada, and we give campgrounds a free way  to take reservations online. 

We are looking to grow the number of campgrounds in North America that will let you book a campsite online and we were hoping you would be able to help us out.

If you refer a campground to us  and they sign up for a demo based on your referral we'll pay for 2 night of camping at that campground. 

Read how below...

How To Get 2 Free Nights of Camping


Step 1: Fill out the "Recommend A Campground" form on this page.

Let the campground know exactly why you think they should have online reservations.

Step 2: If the campground you recommend signs up for a demo with us based on your referral we will pay for 2 nights of camping at that campground.

Step 3: Get out there and get camping!


 Recommend A Campground